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15 Blog Topics to Boost Your Businesses Content Marketing Results

Over the years, modern technology has advanced and evolved at an astonishing rate, and things don’t look set to slow down anytime soon.

The internet was, without a shadow of a doubt, the real game-changer of the last century, and it is now an absolutely essential part of everyday life, without question.

Blogging has also taken off in a huge way over the last decade or so, and when once, blogging was considered as nothing more than a method of allowing a person to keep an open online diary, and talk about their interests with a select number of friends, it is now a potential goldmine for businesses big and small, from all over the globe.

If your business website doesn’t have a blog, you will need to rectify this issue as soon as possible, as your blog could potentially help you to expand and grow your business beyond your wildest expectations (NB: with the right strategy).

When you create blog posts, however, they can’t simply be boring and generic, you need to spice them up, make them engaging and fun to read, and if you’re struggling for ideas, take a look at these 15 blog topics you should seriously consider writing about if you wish to help improve your business:

1. How to get the most out of your products/services

This first topic is virtually fail-proof because, let’s face it, which business owner is not going to want to get the most out of the services/products that they offer. Write from your own perspective, share your own success stories, and don’t be afraid to grab a little inspiration from elsewhere.

2. How to help grow and improve your business

Again, budding entrepreneurs and business owners are almost guaranteed to click this blog and take a look, because growing and improving their business will be essential.

3. How we can help you build a business

This blog post will help give your business a professional look and feel, and the more professional your company comes across, the better.

4. See what our most loyal customers have to say about us

Providing your customers agree to say a few words about your business, your blog all of a sudden becomes a positive review for your company.

5. Learn how to make your budget go further

We all want to save as much money as possible, and from a business perspective, if there is any way of learning how to save money and make your budget stretch further, of course you are going to want to learn more, which means another guaranteed blog reader.

6. Internal and external factors that may impact your business

Business owners will of course, want to ensure that their businesses are as efficient and well protected as possible, so they’ll obviously be curious as to which internal and external factors may be influencing their business.

7. How to increase employee productivity

Another great way of hooking your readers right from the get go, is by talking about how they may improve their own employee productivity. They naturally want their employees to be as productive as possible, as that will mean their business improves as a result. Provide simple but effective tips in your blog, and talk about how and why they work.

8. Take the time each day to do this

You’ve already grabbed your reader’s attention with your headline, as they will be curious as to what it is that you’re recommending they should be doing. Whether it’s relaxing and having a little alone time in the workplace, or perhaps it’s taking the time to praise staff members on jobs well done, what you include in your blog is entirely up to you, providing it is relevant, of course.

9. Learn more about our team

These type of blog posts are ideal because they allow readers to get an insight into your business and it helps show that you aren’t just some money-hungry faceless corporation. Include info about each of your employees and talk about what they bring to the table.

10. We asked our team members what they think it takes to be successful

Again, this type of blog post is ideal because you aren’t just getting tips on success from the writer, you’re instead getting tips on successful from several individuals at once.

11. Learn how to stand out against your competitors

The business world is extremely competitive, and business owners will always be looking for new ways to help their business stand out against their competitors. Compile a list of helpful tips and advice and you have yourself a great blog post.

12. What to do when things go wrong

This is a brave blog post topic but it is a great way of hooking in more readers. Most businesses, and indeed most people, don’t talk about their failures, they only focus on their successes. By talking about past failures, you not only prove that you have heart, you also help provide your readers with information on what to do when things don’t go to plan.

13. Why criticism isn’t always a bad thing

Again, a lot of businesses will delete critical comments and reviews, but you should use this blog post to talk about how constructive criticism can actually help you to grow and improve your business.

14. How we deal with negative feedback

This blog topic is great because a lot of business owners won’t be quite sure about how to handle negative feedback. Some people delete comments and reviews, some people are honest and admit their mistakes and apologise, and some unfortunately get into personal arguments. If a business owner isn’t sure how to handle negative feedback, they’ll be more likely to click your blog post and see how you deal with it.

15. How NOT to conduct yourself online

Owning and running a business is a constant learning curve, and many business owners, especially those who aren’t too.

Running a business blog takes up a lot of time if it is to impact your bottom line. Most business owners don’t expect it to take as much time, effort, and skill as it does to create results.

If you’re struggling to make blogging work for your business, ask yourself if you’ve got the strategy, resources and commitment at the right levels to make it a success.

Chances are, you’re holding your blog back by under-budgeting in one of these areas.

Which area would you like to improve on?

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