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It’s true that Podcasts (and subsequently, marketing podcasts) have seen an explosion of popularity in recent years after falling out of favour since they first rose to fame across iPods and other devices. That resurgence has seen some excellent marketing podcasts surface from some of the best minds and companies in the business. Take a look at the following list to get some great marketing inspiration for your next campaign.


1. Social Pros Podcast with Jay Baer and Adam Brown.

marketing podcasts social pros

Jay Baer is the founder of Convince & Convert and a New York Times best-selling author, who together with Adam Brown, Executive Strategist at Salesforce, former Exec Director Social Media at Dell & The Coca-Cola Company. The pair use the Social Pros Podcast to ‘shine a light on people doing real work for real companies’ in the world of social. If you’re looking for a marketing podcast that highlights how the best do their best work in social, this one is for you.


2. The UnPodcast with Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer.

marketing podcasts the unpodcast

Alison is the producer/co-creator and Scott is the President of Unmarketing. Scott is currently one of the most memorable, if not well-known speakers on today’s ‘circuit’ and many people say he has made his career by calling out the BS companies tend to get caught up in, especially when marketing online. One of his most popular books is titled ‘QR Codes Kill Kittens’, so you already get a sense of how he gets his point across.

Scott and Alison’s ‘Unpodcast: The Business Podcast for the Fed-Up’ focuses on telling you what not to do in business before you get to figuring out what you should be doing. And they’re never short of examples. Real-life examples, tips and guidance and a mission to get companies to stop marketing, start engaging. Disclaimer: no Kittens were killed in the making of this podcast.



3. The Small Business Big Marketing Show with Tim Reid.

marketing podcasts small business big marketing

This last suggestion might not be one the more regular podcast listeners are aware of, but I love the amount of inspiring content that Tim, or Timbo, as he calls himself, covers in the show. The Big Marketing Small Business Show features a host of examples of how smaller businesses and those with more modest budgets have managed to compete in a noisy world to grow their businesses. Some with extraordinary results.

What I like about this show is some of the more creative nuggets of inspiration you can get from the many business owners Timbo gets on the show. Definitely one to give a test drive if you’re interested in quirky ways to market your business and a marketing podcast I’ve dipped in and out of for over 4 years. Staying power.

Share the love, what marketing podcasts do you listen to? Tell us in the comments.


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    • Jay says:

      Hi Lizette

      Nothing works better than working on a site and learning as you go along. Find a few SEO bloggers that you like, follow some walk-throughs on YouTube and keep at it.


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