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5 Ways Social Media Benefits Inbound Marketing

In the fast-paced and ever-hectic business world, establishing yourself with a strong online presence isn’t just now considered an option, it is considered a necessity, that is, if you’re serious about beating your competitors and establishing yourself as the number one company in your industry of expertise.

One thing that is for certain, is the fact that, because social media has literally gone from strength to strength over the last few years, social media can potentially be an extremely powerful tool to have at your disposal, that is of course if you know how to use it correctly.

In its initial stages, social media was nothing more than a way for friends and family members to stay in touch with one another, and play pointless, yet strangely addictive games for hours on end. As the years went by, however, marketing and advertising business specialists saw the huge potential in social media, and it began to undergo a subtle yet noticeable transformation.

Certain outlets became slightly more business orientated, and new features began creeping in.

Before long, not only was social media a great way for friends, family members, and complete strangers, to stay in contact, it was also an incredibly lucrative form of marketing.
Social Media Inspires Content Creation

One of the biggest reasons why social media is considered to be such a powerful inbound marketing tool is the fact that it provides numerous different content ideas for you to go over and consider for your business.

For example, if you are struggling to come up with content ideas, there are discussion forums for you to browse through, you have media sharing networks, there are personal networks, online reviews, E-commerce, social publishing, and much more.

If you are looking for ideas for new and relevant content, you can simply browse public forums, and even see what is hot, and what’s not, by taking a look at the content that your competitors may be creating and posting.

Not only that, but you can gauge the interest of your target audience by monitoring which type of content gets the most shares, and which type of content is perhaps not all that popular.

Put simply, you can gather new ideas for content, and you can monitor how well it is received by your target demographic.

Social Media Promotes Content

Another significant benefit of social media is the fact that it can assist you with the promotion of any relevant content you may have.

It’s ideal because you could potentially have the best content in the world, but without an outlet to share this content, it will just fade away into the shadows of obscurity.

With social media, you can post you content, attract new readers, attract new likes, and hopefully, attract new customers and help drive more traffic to your store in the process.

Content promotion plans are great ways of ensuring you reach the right people with the right content, but just make sure it is complete with owned, earned, and paid social media tactics including paying for ads, building strong social media presences, and making use of your own social media outlets, of which you should have many.

Social Media Boosts SEO

This one has some controversy, but there is a plausible indirect link to social media and SEO rankings. Social media may expose your content to more owners of sites with more authority than yours, who may re-purpose or link to your original article.

Quality, organic link building is still an integral part of SEO, even though it has some bad press due to several black-hat tactics (where people try to ‘game’ the results in Google for a website owner’s benefit).

SEO simply means that, whenever people use search engines to find products or services that are relevant to the products and services that you provide, your site should be one of the first sites that appear, as long as you have a strong SEO strategy.
Social Media allows you to understand your audience

Another fantastic inbound marketing benefit of social media is the fact that it allows you to get a better understanding of your target audience, which means that you are more likely to be able to relate to them, and offer them content/products/services, that they are far more likely to enjoy.

With social media, you can see which type of content is generating the most interest, which pages are getting the most shares, and who is talking about what.

Not only that but again, it will assist you with your SEO because search engines reward customers who create relevant content that answers various search queries of the audience and serves a real purpose, instead of just trying to function as a spammy form of advertising.

Social Media opens up doors to new horizons

Finally, the last inbound marketing benefit of social media is the fact that, because it is as vast as it is popular, there is the potential to tap into a brand new market, not to mention the fact that you can acquire new business contacts and new customers along the way.

With social media, you, and indeed all other users, are just one message away, no matter where in the world you reside. This is an integral part of any social media marketing and it can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

The critical point to remember is no matter how you market your business and which channels you use, it’s the strategy that determines whether it is successful or not. Success that is measured in line with your business goals, not just social metrics like followers and engagement.

Having the most sought after email marketing software is one thing, but not using it in the correct way will mean you don’t get the results you sought after.

Are you happy with the results you get from your online marketing?


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