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Attracting new customers to your business is far from an exact science. That’s why an entire industry has grown developing ever more weird and wonderful ways to market goods and services.

Even when you have hired a marketing agency, agreed to a strategy and paid your money for advertising, you can feel like a fisherman casting your line out into the murky waters and then simply having to wait, fingers crossed, hoping for a bite. 

Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of fishing for new leads all the time, you had a way to make customers come to you?

Inbound marketing car leasing business

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing offers to do just that. The idea is quite straightforward – think about the kind of things that interest your customers, turn that into attention grabbing, thought provoking content, and put it in places where your potential customers are likely to find it.

If you get people’s interest, you are halfway to a new sale.

For a sector like car leasing, where there is a certain degree of complexity in how different financing and leasing arrangements work, inbound marketing is ideal because it helps to inform potential customers. Informed customers are more likely to make positive decisions to purchase.

So what do we mean by content, and where does it go? With inbound marketing, we are mainly talking about web content, and most commonly, blogs. Hosting a blog on a company website is the stock in trade of inbound marketing, offering a low cost, flexible means improving your presence in SEO searches and providing content your customers want to read.


5 Ways a Blog can Boost your Car Leasing Business

1. Help Inform your Customers.

If somebody is thinking of leasing a car, they are unlikely to already understand the ins and outs of the different arrangements available. These unanswered questions cannot be tackled by an advert. In a blog post, however, you have the room to explain everything fully.

inbound marketing car leasing business

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2. Increase your Online Presence.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term marketers use for trying to get a company’s website as high up the ranking as possible when someone types a search query into Google or other search engines.

Over the years, search engine algorithms have become very good at sorting so-called ‘organic’ content from web pages filled with typical search terms for the sake of it. In other words, if you want to get ahead in SEO, you need good content.

A well-written blog about your business, containing your sector-specific keywords and regularly updated, will put you higher in the search ranks and help make you more visible on the web.

inbound marketing car leasing business

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3. Attract more visitors.

The hope is, of course, that good presence thanks to good SEO will get more people visiting your website.

A blog is a great ‘landing page’ for the reasons outlined in point one – people want to be informed, and if they have a question about car leasing terms or financing arrangements, they will look for content which gives them specific answers.

inbound marketing car leasing business

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4. Assist customers with finance form applications.

A blog makes a great platform for ‘how to’ posts. They can be used to provide step-by-step guides for filling out finance form submissions, or for any other aspect of the leasing process.

And blogs do not have to be all text content – you could include visual or interactive guides also.

inbound marketing car leasing business

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5. Develop stronger customer relationships.

After reading a blog explaining the pros and cons of different lease contract types, or rules on eligibility for finance, many customers may still have questions to ask.

Good inbound marketing should be dynamic rather than static, which means that, if a customer does want further information, you are there to provide it.

A comments and queries form under a blog, or even a live chat facility, can greatly boost the interaction you have with customers and allow you to provide the sort of service which encourages repeat business.

inbound marketing car leasing business

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In summary, rather than blindly casting a line out into the market and hoping to snag new customers, inbound marketing is about placing carefully chosen beacons in the water so the customers come to you.

For the car leasing industry, blogs and other web content provide an ideal opportunity to inform customers about contract types, finance arrangements, vehicle types and history, and anything else which might help them make the decision to buy.

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