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How to Master Twitter in Just 7 Days

Social media has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, and whilst it was once aimed specifically at teenagers looking to stay in touch with their school friends, it has now evolved into a multi-billion pound tool for businesses, large and small, located all over the globe. 

In terms of popularity, however, there seems to be three social media outlets that are considered more popular and much more beneficial than the others.

These are: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (NB: swap one for LinkedIn for the more business focused readers).

Of the three, Twitter is perhaps considered the most complex tool to get your head around, but once you do, and once you know how to use it to your advantage, well, the possibilities are endless for what you can achieve with it.

For anybody looking to grow their business and expand their reach, Twitter is an incredibly powerful weapon, and to ensure you use it in the most efficient way possible, here’s a look at a few handy tips on becoming a Twitter master in just 7 days.

1. Understand why you’re using Twitter

 First and foremost, one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when using Twitter, is why you’re actually using it in the first place.

You should understand what your overall goals and objectives are, and what it is that you’re looking to achieve.

If for example, you are using Twitter in an attempt to expand your reach and your clientele, you may be looking to:

  • Increase website hits
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Increase your number of sales
  • Increase your target audience list
  • Build a stronger relationship with your customers
  • Paint your business in a positive light
  • Increase your followers

Well, before you even consider using Twitter for business purposes, you will need to understand exactly what your goals are, and how you feel that Twitter can help you to achieve them.

2. Tidy up your Twitter account

Next up, you are going to have to tidy up your Twitter account, which, although tedious, will save you a great deal of grief and hassle in the long-haul.

You can’t be expected to be productive if you work in a messy office, and in the same instance, you can’t expect your Twitter account to yield heaps upon heaps of success for you if it is untidy and unorganised.

In order to clean and tidy up your account, you should do a number of things, including unfollowing inactive accounts, unfollowing spam accounts, unfollow pointless accounts, unfollow accounts which may be controversial, and instead taking the time to follow people who you feel will be of a benefit to you, and your business.

You can use specialist tools to clean up your account, with ‘ManageFlitter’ and ‘Crowdfire’ both proving to be very useful.

3. Plan a Twitter strategy

Up next, before you even consider sending a single tweet, you should take the time to plan a proper twitter strategy.

You should gather as much info as possible, and you should use analytical data to help you do so.

Twitter analytics can be obtained by simply heading to your avatar, and clicking the image on the right of your page. You will then get a drop-down menu, which will include all of the necessary analytical data.

You can then get a better understanding of your audience, including their age, gender, location, their most popular forms of content, and much more besides.

4. Find, create, plan, and post your content

Ok, now it’s time to begin planning your content and scheduling when you wish to post it.

You can use special social media apps and outlets, including Post Planner, Hootsuite, and Buffer. These allow you to gather content, to organize it, and to schedule where and when you post it, in order for it to achieve maximum engagement.

You will need to decide when to post your content, where you will locate content to post, and whether posts can be tweeted over and over.

5. Be consistent with your Twitter plan

Most people when using social media will really go for it in the first few days/weeks, and then, whether due to time constraints, or simply down to a lack of engagement, will grow bored and will post as and when they feel like it.

In order to be successful, however, you need to be consistent with your twitter plan, and, on days when you are trading, you will need to ensure that you ALWAYS do these things:

  • Reply to tweets everyday and engage with followers
  • Schedule at least 6 tweets to be posted throughout the day
  • Comment on a few tweets on your own timeline every day
  • Re-tweet at least one tweet which catches your eye, that you deem relevant

You should also pin a tweet which you feel is perhaps your best type of content, or the most popular perhaps.

Ideally keep this tweet pinned for around two weeks, though if you wish to change it as you feel you have something better, then that is perfectly fine as well.

6. Educate yourself

No matter how up-to-date you may feel when it comes to Twitter, knowledge is power, so take the time to learn as much about Twitter as you can.

For example, learn how to use hashtags, learn where to find the most popular ones, know which topics to avoid, learn how to engage with people on twitter, learn about Emojis, learn how to create relevant twitter content, learn about chats and lists, and anything else which you may deem to be useful.

The more you know about twitter, the easier everything will become.

7. Unfollow people who don’t follow back and expand your followers

After a week or so, if you notice any accounts that have not followed you back after you started following them, sadly, it’s time to say goodbye.

If they haven’t followed you back, they probably aren’t interested, so you simply need to unfollow them, and move on.

Again, remove any spam, and then take the time to follow around 500 new accounts.

With keyword searches, or simply by following friends of friends, you can easily identify potential new members of your target audience.

You will need to repeat this process every week or so, but eventually, the hard work will pay off, and you’ll have yourself an incredibly valuable and beneficial twitter account.

As with everything in online marketing, consistency and commitment are key to it’s success. You can’t just tweet about your company for a couple of months and expect sales. Relationships take time to develop trust.

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