Unleashing the Power of WordPress: Empowering Your Online Presence


At Sprout Media, we avoid using templates and off-the-self websites. All of our websites are handcrafted by our in-house designers using the most advanced and high-quality platforms that enable complete customisation of design; Figma, Sketch & Adobe Photoshop.

The design begins with you and your customer at the forefront of our minds. We interpret data regarding your customers and brand to produce a custom design that sets you apart from the competition.

Upon completing your design, we hand each client a PDF resource pack to ensure their participation and opinion for the next steps and review of the plan. Clients then provide us with feedback which we review and implement within seven days. Once our clients sign off, our team of developers work to bring their visions to life on a staging URL.

Here clients can experience their new website the way customers will. By experiencing the site live, clients can aid us in performing the final live edits to UX and UI (user experience and interface). At this point, our team ensures the complete upload of content to the site and that all responsive elements are added to finalise and perfect the best user experience for customers.

Harness The Seamless Power Of WordPress

We use WordPress as it enables us to seamlessly incorporate design whilst ensuring high-quality CRM systems are in place for your website and enhance your brand.

We couple all of our WordPress websites with Elementor. Elementor allows our designers to power your vision when developing your new site while providing other benefits. This platform enables quick, powerful and lag-free editing and back-end management ability. Clients will also benefit from the platform’s fast and easy update system, which is ideal whether you are on a managed hosting platform or operating internally.

Elementor allows us to build magnificent websites that are entirely mobile responsive with a number of animations, widgets and custom CSS. In turn, this supercharges the power of WordPress, providing limitless capabilities, reducing the need for other plugins, and enhancing the overall user experience delivered to your customers.

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