Elevating Tri Capital’s Online Presence

At Sprout Media, we were entrusted with designing and developing a new website for Tri Capital Property, a distinguished property investment firm based in London. Our expert team was proud and excited to craft an online platform to effectively showcase their unique offerings and provide visitors with an exceptional user experience and customer journey.

Understanding The Vision

At Sprout Media, we firmly believe in the power of communication and collaboration. Considering our clients are at the heart of what we do, their aspirations and goals become ours too. To ensure seamless production and delivery of this project for Tri Captial, we initiated the request by engaging and devising a plan with the Tri Capital Property team to gain an insight into their values, audience and goals for their digital presence. This process allowed us to prepare and align our team with the creative process to begin the design of the website and to enable us how to do so whilst establishing a point of difference from their competitors in this competitive and dynamic industry.

User Experience Is Key

Considering Tri Capital boasts a wealth of experience, a blossoming network and a history of successful partnerships with some of the UK’s most influential companies, such as; Boots, Whittard and Greene King, we needed to ensure that our design reflected a user experience that highlighted Tri Capital’s success and status providing a meaningful journey. Our team of experts got to work designing a bespoke site that gave rise to the team’s 45+ years of specialist knowledge and expertise. Doing so ensures the design resonates with Tri Capital Property’s target audience.

Unique Design For A Unique Offering

Tri Capital Property purchases property in several sectors, such as; retail, medical and automotive and our objective was to showcase this throughout the design. To do this, we used Adobe XD to design. Then we harnessed the power of WordPress and Elementor to develop a visually stunning website that effectively communicates their expertise and values whilst maintaining the brand identity of the UK-based property investors. By utilising sleek and high-quality imagery, impactful quotations, successful collaborations’ visual identities, and concise yet compelling copy, we captured the luxury and distinct essence of Tri Capital’s offering. This unique blend of seamless elements not only encouraged a phenomenal user interface, improving customer experience but also enabled us to create a narrative encouraging a powerful customer journey when visiting the site. Integrating the simple yet effective branding gave the site the professional and high-end aesthetic that best represents the investors and their values.

Customer At The Forefront

Tri Captial prides itself on smooth transactions with those who wish to work with them. Their expertise and knowledge in this industry make them a highly-demanded and successful investment partner to work with. With this in mind, here at Sprout Media, we ensured that the website design and its seamless design functions reflected this notion of smooth and quality service was successfully implemented. Our team of experts provides this by streamlining the communication process between prospective clients and Tri Capital on the website. We ensured the journey and experience when trying to make communication was both pleasant and seamless. On the website, visitors can easily contact Tri Capital Property’s team for further information, inquiries about specific properties, or to schedule appointments. Not only did this particular design choice enhance customer engagement, but it also aided the establishment of strong connections between potential clients and the Tri Capital Property team.

We are thrilled and proud to have designed and developed Tri Capital’s website, and we look forward to continuing to deliver excellent website solutions for our unique clients. If you’re looking to elevate your online presence and drive tangible results, Sprout Media is here to help. Contact us today to embark on your website transformation journey.


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