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Power Up Your Advertising with Google Ads

Google Advertising

At Sprout Media, we run paid media campaigns across the most powerful search engine, Google, with specific paid search ads across Google Shopping. With our expertise in audience targeting and retargeting, we revolutionise the traditional advertising model by offering a contemporary approach that encourages your connection with a wider and more engaged audience in addition to the collation of richer data regarding who they are and what they desire from your business.

Even the most effective paid ad campaigns will lose value over time. With Sprout Media, you can ensure that your paid advertisement strategy with Google Ads remains optimised by staying informed and adapting to the latest ad features and policies announced by Google. This proactive approach is essential to maximise your campaigns’ performance and ensure your business’s long-term success.

Transparent Google Ads Management

We understand that investments as such can be risky or, at times, nerve-wracking that’s why, here at Sprout, we ensure that we operate transparently by creating your Google account in your business’s name. This ensures all clients maintain a direct billing relationship with Google (and Bing, if required). This transparency commitment guarantees you full visibility into your advertising activities as our valued client.

Our management fee is calculated as a percentage of your total monthly spend. This approach aligns our interests with your success as we strive to optimise your advertising budget effectively. We extend our transparent approach to paid social ads, ensuring consistent accountability across all platforms.

Unlock the full potential of your online marketing with our comprehensive suite of services. Our offerings include Google Ads, Smart Shopping, and Performance Max campaigns. With these powerful tools, we empower your business to reach and engage with your target audience effectively.

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