Managed Website Hosting

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Managed Website Hosting

Our hosting services provide each customer with the tools and resources for online success. We understand that expanding your business digitally hosts several challenges and technical problems that can stall you from focusing on your day-to-day business tasks and encouragement of growth.

Skip the interruptions of tasks such as; updates, hardware management, network management, software support and proactive security patches by entrusting Sprout Media to manage and maintain your website hosting.

From strengthened connections to impressive levels of reliability, your customers will enjoy a secure and seamless experience when accessing your products and services.

Managed hosting is highly recommended over standard hosting, service level agreements incorporated into managed website hosting.

A home for advanced performance.

Let our specialists help you effectively build, grow and manage your business by allowing them to take control of your hosting. With 24/7 support and invaluable industry experience, Sprout Media offers unparalleled website hosting management that will reshape your customer experience.

Enjoy the best in benefits.
Let Sprout Media take charge of your hosting so you can take control of the day-to-day things that matter. Know who you are hosting with and ensure that you know you are receiving the best in benefits with us.

Sprout Media is dedicated to helping you harness the power of digital

Per Site (Base)

Boast faster read and write times, speeds and performance with 5GB SSD storage as standard.
Ensure reliable and rapid connectivity and access through the 5G diverse network.

Ensure your website can deliver content to visitors during peak traffic with 50GB of bandwidth as a minimum.

Guarantee the restoration of your site and its content with two backups per day with a two-week retention.
Enjoy peace of mind with a dedicated control panel. A suite of easy-to-use tools makes the server easy to access.
Bespoke plans available for larger websites where required

Ensure the security of your website’s communications security with our free SSL. Insured SSL  available in addition to further protect against loss.

Enjoy a plan that can offer you extra power, website uptime and the ability to handle steady or sudden growth.
Benefit from expert server support.
Clients will have access to the PCI-compliant hosting service.
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