Instagram Launches Threads: A Rival to Twitter with One Hundred Million Users Signing Up For Meta’s New App, Zuckerberg Confirms

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg propelled Meta’s power and shares even further with its strategic and competitive move to diversify its offerings through the development of Meta Threads. Meta, the parent company of social media powerhouses Facebook and Instagram, has launched a new app called Threads. With an astonishing one hundred million users signing up within the first week of its release, Instagram Threads is positioned as a direct competitor to Twitter and has adopted the name “Twitter Killer”.

What Is Threads? An Instagram App Designed for Seamless Communication

Threads are the latest social media buzz and platform to hit the evergrowing and ever-dynamic social media networking industry. The app aims to provide a unique and engaging user experience, similar to what Twitter once accomplished and built its iconic social media status on. Available to access by 100 countries through the Apple and Google app store, Threads is taking the tech market by storm. However, in the past year since Twitter’s takeover, several users have minimised their app use due to negative feedback to recent changes made by Elon Musk and his team.

With this in mind, Zuckerberg found the right time and gap to develop the new app, which aims to act as a “friendly” rival to Twitter which focuses on fostering meaningful and intimate conversations within small groups of friends and ultimately reshaping the social media landscape. While this contrasts with Instagram’s traditional functions where users can share visual content, Instagram Threads takes a different approach by emphasising real-time communication and “friendly and public conversations.”

Instagram’s Twitter Competitor: Offering a Fresh Alternative

Twitter has long been the go-to platform for sharing short messages and updates with a wide audience, whether personal or business. However, with Threads, Instagram and Zuckerberg aim to provide a fresh alternative by catering to users who prefer more private and intimate conversations in “friendly” manners in addition to being the first conversations app with “1 billion+ people on it”, which the disruptor describes being something that Twitter “failed to nail”.

The Meta team aims to connect with this audience and act as a “much-needed competitor” by catering to users who prefer more private and intimate conversations. Instagram Threads seeks to address the limitations of Twitter’s public and sometimes overwhelming nature by focusing on smaller groups and fostering deeper connections.

Key Features of Instagram Threads

Text & Media Sharing: The app offers a streamlined posting experience, enabling users to share text, photos, videos, and more, all within the Threads platform. This integration provides a convenient and efficient way for users to engage in dynamic conversations.

Verification: Both Twitter and Instagram Threads have introduced identity verification as a means for users to confirm their authenticity and gain access to exclusive features. However, regardless of verification, Instagram Threads allow all users to post 500 characters worth of thoughts or feelings, 5 minutes of video and editing services. This contrasts with Instagram Thread’s competitor Twitter, who only grants permission to their version of these services to those who pay for Twitter Blue.

Private & Personal Sharing: Instagram’s new update, Threads, encourages an increasingly personal and private way to connect with family and friends on social media instead of the public version, Instagram. The rival to Twitter is designed for sharing moments and stories in real-time and is integrated with Instagram meaning users can easily share their threads’ content to their Instagram feed. Unlike rival Twitter, Zuckerberg’s updates are reshaping social media and encouraging a seamless blend of communication.

Are Instagram Threads Paving the Way for A Meta Led Social Media Future?

Since Twitter’s takeover last year, several users have questioned the app’s future, and resultingly, many smaller alternatives have cropped up trying to make their mark on the social media landscape. While Twitter CEO Linda Yaccinaro believes Twitter is “often imitated” and that its community can “never be duplicated”, the future of Instagram Threads holds immense potential as it seeks to establish itself as a significant player in the dynamic social media industry.

With ongoing investments and a commitment to addressing user feedback, including from Instagram’s head Mr Mosseri personally “responding to other suggestions from users and what they want from the app”. Looking at the long-term sustainability of Instagram’s new app, Threads has the opportunity to evolve into a more comprehensive and feature-rich platform. Successfully overcoming the challenges ahead could position Threads as a popular alternative to other social media platforms, especially Instagram’s rival Twitter.

The future of Threads holds immense potential as Instagram invests in its growth and development. By actively addressing user feedback and expanding its features, in addition to harnessing the massive 3 billion base of active users across its family of apps, which includes Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Threads has the opportunity to become a comprehensive and feature-rich platform and most importantly, a key alternative to other platforms.


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