Launching Moka Espresso Bar: Chigwell’s Latest Hot Spot

We are so pleased and proud to have been a part of the launch of Chigwell’s latest addition to its buzzy Brook Parade, Moka Espresso Bar!

Moka is a vibrant new coffee shop with an inviting ambience and delectable coffee that will elevate your espresso-drinking experience. The idea of the shop is derived from London’s first coffee shop, the Moka Bar, which prompted the youth culture explosion that soon changed social life in Britain forever.

Fifty years after its closure, the moka has been revived and can be found in the heart of Chigwell.

A Helping Hand From Sprout

Since its launch in January, the coffee shop has built up an amazing loyal clientele and has been serving several cups of delicious hot coffee and mouthwateringly good dishes such as; light bites, pastries, cakes, salads, sandwiches, paninis and wraps.

Here at Sprout Media, we are proud to have been a part of the espresso bar’s launch and continued success. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure Moka’s success and the smooth launch of a winning strategy for Moka Chigwell. From designing a captivating website to crafting social media campaigns leaving customers wanting more, and designing the physical collateral, which made for the perfect finishing touches in the espresso bar.

Building an Engaging Online Presence

A strong online presence is vital for any business in today’s digital age, and we recognised this from the outset. With this in mind, we developed a visually stunning website for Moka Chigwell, combining sleek design elements with intuitive navigation and an informative and engaging narrative regarding the origins and story of the brand. We also ensured that the website seamlessly integrated features such as menu browsing and contact information, making it effortless for customers to connect with Moka Chigwell.

 We also applied our social media management and marketing expertise to play a pivotal role in generating buzz around Moka Chigwell’s launch. We began by strategically crafting compelling social media campaigns across platforms like Instagram and Facebook to generate attention regarding the opening and all that the soon-to-be popular espresso bar offered.

 We have continued to manage the coffee shop’s marketing and social media efforts and have successfully grown their account organically through visually captivating images and engaging captions.

 We help Moka to showcase its irresistible coffee creations, comfortable and work-friendly interiors, and inviting ambience through photo and video posts. By incorporating trending hashtags, we have boosted the reach and engagement of Moka’s social media content, effectively building a sense of desire and loyalty among coffee lovers in Chigwell and the local area.

Mouthwateringly Good Photography

Visual appeal is essential in the food and beverage industry, which we specialise in here at Sprout. Using our expertise and high-quality cameras, we embraced the power of striking photography to help propel Moka’s launch. We aimed to capture the pure, ethical and sustainable essence of Moka Chigwell, ensuring that each image helped to tell the Chigwell-based coffee shop’s story and values.

 From close-ups of rich espresso pours to candid shots of baristas passionately perfecting latte art, the photography portrayed the dedication and craftsmanship behind Moka’s coffee offerings. Our attention to detail extended to showcasing Moka’s ambience, capturing the inviting seating areas and comfortable work-friendly spaces that entice customers to stay.

Designing Menus and Brochures

In addition to social media and digital support, we supported Moka by providing well-designed print materials that were added to the coffee bar for the perfect finishing touches. Our team designed and printed simple but effective menus and brochures that reflected Moka Chigwell’s brand identity and aesthetic. With carefully selected fonts, colour schemes, and layouts, we created menus listing Moka’s wide array of coffee and food options.

 The launch of Moka Chigwell has been a resounding success. From our captivating website design to creating enticing social media campaigns, we are proud to have demonstrated our expertise in marketing and helped position Moka as a new Brook Parade and Chigwell-based hotspot. We wish Moka the utmost success in Chigwell!

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