Showcasing Excellence: Designing & Developing Associated Glass’ New Website

No matter the business or industry, here at Sprout Media, we embrace the opportunity to design and develop websites, social presences and brand identities for different clients. Recently, we were fortunate to unveil the new Associated Glass website, which we are proud of and pleased to add to our extensive website portfolio.

Encouraging Competitive Edge

As a client of ours that falls under our social media management portfolio, we have built a strong and transparent relationship with Associated Glass, ensuring that as their trusted marketing agency, we understand who they are, what success they desire and how we can elevate their value proposition to achieve this. After building a strong and professional brand image on social media, we knew we could promote the Loughton-based glazing company’s brand further by aligning a well-designed presence with a seamless, fresh, modern website that would encourage leads and prospective customers.

Associated Glass is one of many glazing companies in the Essex region. Still, it possesses a competitive edge through being one of the most experienced and reputable businesses in the Loughton Essex area since 1989, and we wanted to showcase this history and professionalism through a platform that highlights its exceptional craftsmanship whilst providing a user-friendly experience for its customers.

Ensuring Aesthetics & Experience

Knowing we needed to exercise Associated Glass’ exceptional value proposition throughout the design to encourage their competitive stance, we ensured that our expert web designers used the highest quality software and tools to design a bespoke and engaging website. The Sprout Media design team worked with Associated Glass to develop visually appealing layouts and features and a navigation system that integrated seamless design elements. The team undertook this initial design process through Adobe XD, then proceeded to mirror the design on WordPress, utilising Elementor. We ensured that the Associated Glass brand identity was implemented using their colours, font and design elements to encourage uniformity across their entire brand image and a visually stunning user interface.

Website Designing

Seamless Navigation

To encourage the idea of competitive digital branding, we understand the importance of navigation and how it can influence the success of a website regarding leads and conversions. When developing Associated Glass’ new website, we ensured that the site offered an effortless browsing experience that showcased the glazing company’s best work and vast offering. The navigation system allows prospective customers to explore the company’s portfolio, search the specific glazing options and contact their customer service team.

A Range of Excellence

Associated Glass prides itself on delivering high-quality glazing solutions, and our goal was to create a platform that highlights its exceptional quality and industry expertise. From the captivating portfolio section allowing customers to explore Associated Glass’ best work and research projects with the informative product summary section to the carefully curated display of products and information, visitors can explore various glazing options and gain inspiration for their projects. From the stunning glass installations for interiors and exteriors to the functionality of energy-efficient glazing solutions, this site presents detailed information and captivating visuals to inform customers of the company’s excellence.

We are thrilled and proud to have designed and developed Associated Glass’ website, and we look forward to continuing to deliver excellent website solutions for our unique clients. If you’re looking to elevate your online presence and drive tangible results, Sprout Media is here to help. Contact us today to embark on your website transformation journey.


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