Sponsoring & Supporting Success- The UK Packaging x Sammy Jo Brandon Foundation Charity Golfing Event

Sponsoring & Supporting Success: The UK Packaging x Sammy Jo Brandon Foundation Charity Golfing Event

Recently here at Sprout Media, we proudly sponsored the UK Packaging Charity Golfing Event on April 28th 2023, held at the picturesque Chigwell Golf Club in Essex. This remarkable event brought together passionate golfers and individuals who came together to support the Sammy Jo Brandon Foundation, raising awareness about its noble mission. With sunny weather and a brilliant atmosphere, the day was filled with enjoyment and a strong sense of community and support for an important and brilliant cause.

Supporting the Sammy Jo Brandon Foundation

The UK Packaging Charity Golfing Event aimed to lend a helping hand to the Sammy Jo Brandon Foundation, a remarkable organisation committed to positively impacting the lives of children and remembering the life of Sammy Jo. Children with Cancer UK is a charity close to the family of Sammy Jo and was massively important to her.

At Sprout Media, we wanted to show our support, and we could best do so by sponsoring the informative and passion-led event. Sponsoring the event allowed us to contribute to the foundation’s endeavours, encouraging raising money to donate to the amazing Children with Cancer UK charity. The charity that was so important to Sammy Jo aims to raise and invest money for vital specialist research to save the lives of every child with cancer and keep their family together. Specifically, it supports researchers and accelerates breakthroughs bringing together extraordinary children with extraordinary research that will one day benefit everyone.

Chigwell Golf Club: The Perfect Venue

The event took place at the prestigious Chigwell Golf Club, renowned for its scenic views and brilliant golfing facilities. The sprawling greens and challenging fairways provided the perfect backdrop for a memorable day of golfing and a real challenge for the golfers who participated in this competitive game.

The event started with breakfast in the hospitality space at Chigwell Golf Course, setting the tone for an exciting day ahead. The shotgun tee-off commenced shortly after, with enthusiastic golfers showcasing their skills and enjoying the friendly competition. The event served as an excellent platform to create awareness about the Sammy Jo Brandon Foundation and its mission, encouraging individuals to support this worthy cause.

As the day drew to a close, everyone gathered for a well-deserved dinner, accompanied by live music that added to the buzzing and enjoyable atmosphere—the evening also featured an awards ceremony to recognise the outstanding golfers and volunteers who made the event a success. This celebration served as a moment of gratitude and highlighted the collective efforts made towards raising awareness and funds for the Sammy Jo Brandon Foundation.

We are proud to have been a part of such a memorable and important event and thank the foundation and UK Packaging for allowing us to get involved.


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