Sprout Me Media to Sprout Media: A Refreshing Rebrand

Here at Sprout, we know more than anyone that staying relevant and adaptable is vital for success, especially in an industry as dynamic as marketing. With this need for relevancy, we are excited to share a significant milestone in our journey: a recent rebrand from Sprout Me Media to Sporut Media.

Time For A Refresh

As Sprout Media continues to grow and evolve, we recognise the importance of keeping our brand identity in tune with the changing industry landscape. After careful consideration, we made the strategic decision to undergo a rebrand. Our goal was to create a fresh and contemporary image that reflects our company and its beginnings whilst ensuring our continued relevance in the local competitive media market.

With our rebrand, we transitioned from Sprout Me Media to Sporut Media, retaining the essence of our original name while incorporating a small yet impactful change. The new name captures our dynamic and youthful energy and the sprouting growth of our agency

Strategic Importance

While the shift from Sprout Me Media to Sporut Media may seem minimal and subtle, it holds strategic significance. The new name allows us to maintain brand recognition while incorporating a unique and memorable twist. This small but strategic change positions us for greater visibility in search engine rankings. It aligns our brand with relevant industry keywords, enhancing our overall SEO performance and creating a sleek and to-the-point brand name that is memorable and powerful.


Our unwavering dedication to our client’s success has remained constant throughout this rebranding process. While our name may have evolved, our core values, expertise, and commitment to providing the highest quality services remain unchanged. We are here to empower businesses, drive growth, and help our clients flourish in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


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