Sprout Media’s Next Chapter: From Ideas House to Grangewood House, Loughton

In the fast-paced media and marketing world, adaptability is the key to success. As Sprout Media marks its seventh anniversary, we are thrilled to share our recent milestone: a significant move from our South Woodford-based office, Ideas House, to our new and improved location in Loughton – Grangewood House.

Farewell to Ideas House…

At Sprout Media, we kickstarted our marketing journey in South Woodford in the Ideas Place office. Over the past seven years, this South Woodford-based office witnessed our growth and development. We transformed Ideas House into a bustling hub of creativity, collaboration, and innovation and welcomed new members to our team.

Reasons for the Move

Change is inevitable, and as we began to expand, it became clear that we needed a new space aligned with our evolving needs. The decision to move to Loughton and Grangewood House was driven by several factors, including the new office’s enhanced features and networking opportunities, its accessible and excellent location and the general need and opportunity for growth.

We are fortunate to now boast a modern and comfortable working environment at Grangewood House, Loughton. From the state-of-the-art facilities and modern infrastructure providing our team with a more efficient and comfortable working environment, Grangewood was the ideal space to allow us to grow. The spacious meeting rooms and adaptable workspaces will enable us to connect and liaise with our clients when welcoming them in person, and our new office facilitates seamless collaboration and sparks creativity throughout the team.

Additionally, one brilliant pull factor encouraged our move to this office – Loughton boasts a strategic location with excellent transport links. This made it easily accessible for both our team and clients to access the office. This move enables us to expand our reach and serve a broader clientele while maintaining strong connections with our existing partners.

Welcoming A New Chapter

Moving to Grangewood House signifies a new chapter in Sprout Media’s journey. It symbolises our commitment to adaptability and willingness to embrace change to meet the evolving demands of our clients and industry. With this move, we are poised to encourage development for both our business and our clients. Additionally, the change in scenery has acted as a great morale booster for the team. The transition to Grangewood House has instilled renewed excitement and energy into our team. We’re thrilled to embrace the move as one of many opportunities and are determined to continue delivering outstanding results for our clients.


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